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Creating A Tier One Mineral Sands Company

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Toliara Sands Project

The Ranobe Mine is projected to produce 600,000tpa of ilmenite and 65,000tpa of zircon rich concentrate per annum over an initial 20 year mine life. This first phase of development utilises around 27% of the 884 million tonne of Mineral Resource defined at Ranobe.

Our Community Engagement

Toliara Sands has been actively involved with community and social programs in the Tulear region for many years. Such activities include the establishment of womens’ associations in the communes around the Ranobe minesite to run nurseries to produce seedlings for our ongoing rehabilitation program. Toliara Sands was responsible for bringing ADFA (Australian Doctors for Africa) to Madagascar some 9 years ago. This dedicated team of surgeons and doctors have changed the lives of many families within the Tulear region through their numerous visits and this work is ongoing with the support of Toliara Sands. The company also supports the local hospital and clinics to supplement the work done by ADFA. Toliara Sands provides support to the Mikea Association, specifically the local Bedo school with a focus on retention of their culture and heritage. The company has also led numerous other community initiatives and the company’s community and social programs will escalate considerably once the Ranobe project is underway, including commitments that have been agreed to as part of the projects existing EIA licence.

Operation Phase Impacts

The Ranobe project will bring considerable benefit to the Tulear region as the first significant mining development in the Southwest of Madagascar. Clearly employment, both during construction and when the mine is in production, will provide significant economic benefits. Training programs will form an important part of the pre-production development, and the resultant skills transfer will have a knock-on impact throughout the Tulear economy. Once in production, the project has committed to annual contributions of 1.5 to 3.0 billion Ariary to community programs. And of course, Madagascar will benefit from company taxes and royalties paid, of which a reasonable portion will be returned to the region. Over the expected mine life, more than 1.8 trillion Ariary will be paid in taxes and royalties. The company’s environmental rehabilitation program will also see a considerable portion of the mining area replanted to cash crops and woodlots for the benefit of local communes.

Environmental Remediation

Toliara Sands, as a responsible mining company, is committed to sustainable development of natural resources. At the forefront of this commitment is environmental remediation. The company has a proven track record of successful environmental rehabilitation. Through various trial mining campaigns spanning some 9 years during the feasibility investigations of the project, the company has rehabilitated disturbed areas such that it is not possible to tell mining actually took place.

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Creating A Tier One Mineral Sands Company

Base Resources is developing the Tier 1 Toliara Sands Project north of the port of Toliara in south-west Madagascar.


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