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Toliara Sands is a Mineral Sands Project in Madagascar owned by Base Resources

About Us

The Ranobe Project being developed by Toliara sands is a world class mineral sands deposit of ilmenite, and co-product zircon and rutile mineralization. It is located some 40 km north of the town of Tulear in south west Madagascar. The project was awarded its first Exploration Permit in 2001, and granted two Mining Licences in 2012 and an environmental permit in 2015.

The Ranobe mine life is planned for an initial 20 years, utilizing approximately 30% of the mineral resources, thus giving the opportunity to extend the life of the mine up to 60 years. Annual production will be 600,000 tons of ilmenite and 65,000 tons of rutile/zircon concentrate.

The mine is based on a standard dry mining process. Minerals will be processed in a primary-concentrator plant and then an onsite ore-separating plant using predominantly gravity and magnetic separation techniques, and without the use of chemicals. Main infrastructures include a 55-km road from the mine site and crossing the Fiherenana River, as well as a new jetty with a 12-metre water depth located in Andaboy, for the export of the products.

The project will provide a considerable income stream for Madagascar and will give a considerable socio-economic development boost to the Tulear region. As part of the current EIA licence, Toliara Sands will commit up to $1 miilion per annum to community programs, once the mine is operational. Peak employment for the project will reach approximately 1000 jobs during the construction phase and 150 jobs will be generated within ongoing social/environmental activities.

Toliara Sands has adopted an engagement process with the local communities for sustainable development of the region. Among other things, an ongoing open dialogue process with its stakeholders has been put in place in 2016. The Toliara Sands engagement plan involves the Ranobe Project, local authorities, communities and civil society, setting an example of a participatory approach.