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Community/Social Engagement

Toliara Sands has been actively involved with community and social programs in the Tulear region since 2005 and so has a long history of community engagement. Such activities include the establishment of womens’ associations in the communes around the Ranobe minesite to run nurseries to produce seedlings for our ongoing rehabilitation program. Toliara Sands was responsible for bringing ADFA (Australian Doctors for Africa) to Madagascar some 9 years ago. This dedicated team of surgeons and doctors have changed the lives of many families within the Tulear region through their numerous visits and this work is ongoing with the support of Toliara Sands. The company also supports the local hospital and clinics to supplement the work done by ADFA. Toliara Sands provides support to the Mikea Association, specifically the local school with a focus on classes to assist in the retention of their culture and heritage.

The company has also led numerous other community initiatives and the company’s community and social programs will escalate considerably once the Ranobe mine is underway, including commitments that have been agreed to as part of the projects existing EIA licence. Some examples of the work Toliara Sands has done with the community are noted below.

As the company prepares for the development of the Ranobe mine and associated infrastructure, measures have been put in place to ensure the community is informed of our progress and that issues the community may face with regard to the project can be discussed in appropriate forums and relevant feedback provided to Toliara Sands. These measures include the Toliara Sands House of Information – an office located in down town Tulear that is open to the public, and provides a wide variety of information on the Ranobe project, is staffed by Toliara Sands employees that are there to answer questions from the public on the project, as well as receive feedback. The company has also put in place the SCRC – a project support committee comprising representatives from Toliara Sands, local government and the community to assist in resolving any issues associated with the development of the project. The company has also established the CTR (Committee for Transparency in Recruitment), which allows for priority to be given to locals for employment.The company has put in place a grievance mechanism supported by two grievance agents and a grievance supervisor, who assist in collecting, analysing and addressing all of the complaints or suggestions received through the toll-free telephone numbers. In addition, feedback is received via the 15 village elders who maintain the grievance and suggestion books, as well through the sealed collection boxes at the 5 communes and company notice boards. There are also 11 community agents employed by Toliara Sands who live in the communes, and they provide weekly structured feedback.

Examples of Contributions

  • Support to communes, including for the National Day celebrations, financial aid for communal planning, financial aid to assist in the proliferation of the adopted customary laws,
  • Providing building materials and paint for the maintenance and improvements of the gastroenterological endoscopy room at the public hospital in Toliara,
  • Donations to the Cancer Ward, University Hospital, Tulear
  • Football Goal Posts and balls to the large villages,
  • Assistance to local sports associations to participate in national competition,
  • Canoes and fishing equipment to the Port fishermen association,
  • Supplying school stationary to community schools,
  • Participation in the university employment fair,
  • Donation of village wells and water pump maintenance
  • Assistance during times of natural disasters (such as food and sanitation), including rebuilding of infrastructure post cyclone/flooding events.