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Mikea Forest Association

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The Mikea people and the Mikea Forest are important components of the cultural and environmental diversity of south west Madagascar. The Mikea people are widely recognized as the last nomadic tribe in Madagascar. The Mikea Forest Association was established in 2015, with the main objectives of providing cultural awareness, environmental protection in the zone of habitation for the Mikea, and to enhance their education (via the establishment of a community school). The involvement of Toliara Sands with the Mikea Forest Association stems from a widespread perception that the development of the Ranobe mine would impact on the Mikea Forest and therefore on the Mikea people themselves. That perception is not correct as the southern-most extension of the Mikea Forest is approximately 55 km away from the most northern point for the Ranobe mine. And in-between the Forest and the mine is an existing irrigation canal and substantial agricultural zone with the local community working the land. Toliara Sands is happy to be involved with the Mikea Forest Association and the company currently provides assistance to the Bedo school at the Bedo village. This is in the form of the funds for the midday meal to encourage the children to attend school, as well as provision of school supplies for classes. Toliara Sands is pleased that the association provides classes one day per week focused on the preservation of the Mikea Culture.

Rural Community Of Ankilimalinika

A request for sponsorship of the Ankatrakatraky / Ankatimalinika Ankatrakatraky / CR fokontany was filed at the Toliara Sands office in Tulear. We took the opportunity to go over to see the exact state of the school, and discuss this with the Association President and the representatives of the parents of the students. It was clear that the school facilities required upgrading: no door on the building and no tables or benches for the students. There are only 2 classrooms, yet 4 teachers. So it was in this context that Toliara Sands decided to support the school and assist with improving the conditions for the students.

VIllage Bedo / CR Basibasy

The relationship between Toliara Sands and the members of the Mikea Forest Association is on good terms, especially with the villagers of Bedo and the students of the “MIKEA CLASS”. Meetings were held with the village notables and the parents of pupils to inform them a little about Toliara Sands and our activities and mainly the objective of our social work.

The Village Chief himself is very proud of our small gestures (school building refurbishment, tables and benches, school canteen meals for the students) and thanked us by taking the paraky (which is a sign of respect to the Mikea), the sweets for the children.The villagers of Bedo conveyed their sincere thanks to Toliara Sands for having thought of them, and for having Toliara Sands as a partner of the Mikea Forest Association.

School canteen “MIKEA CLASS”