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Developing a world-class mineral sands project in Madagascar

Toliara Project

Base Toliara is developing a world-class mineral sands project in Madagascar to produce ilmenite, zircon and rutile. These products are used in the production of white pigment for paint, plastics and paper as well as for ceramics and metallurgy. The project is located at Ranobe, 45 kilometres north of the town of Toliara in south west Madagascar.

About Base Toliara

Base Toliara is a locally registered company and part of the Base Resources group.

 Base Toliara is committed to environmental sustainability, transparency and the creation of opportunities for the benefit of, in particular, local communities in the Toliara region and the wider Malagasy economy.  

About Base Resources

Base Resources is an Australian based company listed on the Australia Securities Exchange and the UK’s Alternative Investment Market. Base Resources also built and operates the Kwale Mineral Sands Mine, Kenya’s largest mine.  

The Kwale Mineral Sands Mine is significantly contributing to the economies of Kenya, and Kwale County, in the form of direct and indirect employment, local procurement, tax and royalty payments over the life of the mine, together with considerable indirect taxation and other economic benefits.

The Kwale Mineral Sands Mine continues to create significant opportunities for local economic development through a focused local employment program and the procurement of goods and services from local vendors. The company also invests in a variety of community livelihood enhancement programs and social infrastructure in Kwale County, demonstrating its commitment to responsible and sustainable development.

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