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Toliara Project 

Project overview

The Toliara Project being developed by Base Toliara has the makings of a wold-class mineral sands operation, producing ilmenite, zircon and rutile finished products

The large, high grade Ranobe deposit underpins the Toliara Project and has an estimated Mineral Resource of 2,580 million tonnes which is sufficient to support a 38-year mine life.

The project is located about 45km north of the town of Toliara in south west Madagascar and will involve the construct,ion of processing facilities at the mine site, a dedicated 55km haulage road, bridge across the Fihirana River and specialised port facilities. A definitive feasibility study has been completed to determine project design, execution planning and financing.

The project was granted a mining licence (PDE 37242), which was re-issued on 23 October 2017, and has a term of 40 years from 21 March 2012.

Further information will be provided on the project as it develops.


About Mineral Sands

Ilmenite and rutile are primarily used as primary inputs in the production of white pigment for paints, plastics and paper because of their brightness and very high refractive index (how effectively they reflect light). It is used widely in these products as it very stable and non-toxic. A small percentage of rutile is also used in the production of titanium metal used in various applications  including the aerospace industry and medical equipment.

Zircon has a range of uses, the most common being in the production of ceramic tiles. Zircon enables ceramic tiles to achieve brilliant whiteness and brightness in their products. Zircon is also non-toxic and is highly heat and wear resistant.


Project Background

Base Resources acquired the project from the Toliara Sands Company in January 2018 and renamed the company Base Toliara. The project had been under development by the Toliara Sands Company for some time.


Occupational health and safety

Base Toliara is committed to the highest standards in occupational health and safety and this forms a cornerstone on which our culture and systems are built. We operate in accordance with all relevant Malagasy legislation and strive to adopt international best practice as we believe that safety comes before business. 


Base Toliara is committed to conducting its business in a legal, honest and ethical manner, and acting with integrity at all times.  Base Toliara expects its suppliers to conduct themselves in the same manner.  Base Toliara’s key requirements for its suppliers are set out in the Base Toliara Base Toliara Supplier Code of Conduct.